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I had never been to Danville before for an engagement session. Actually, I had never been there before at all and was really excited when Sheela asked me about traveling there for their engagement session. Craig and her had a few different locations and outfits in mind so I planned on being there for the evening.

Something I do a little differently than other photographers is to not set a time limit for engagement sessions. This is a great way for couples and I to get to know each other better and if we are having fun together and I’m taking photos along the way, why should we stop because we’re an hour into the day. They don’t always last longer than an hour but when they do, it’s usually because we are having such a good time. Sheela wanted to incorporate her heritage into the engagement shoot so we planned on starting with their traditional Indian attire. I absolutely love the colors and the jewelry that accompany a sari. They are so unique and really stunning to photograph. I am excited to see what their wedding day will be like this upcoming June.

This engagement session was one of those nights, the weather was beautiful and I got to see SO much of Danville and learn so much about Sheela and Craig. I even got to meet their adorable pup, which is always a plus for me. We spent hours wandering around Danville and then drove up to their nature center for the end of our night. We even got to see otters which I had never seen before in nature!

I hope you enjoy this Danville Engagement photography. If you’d like to plan an engagement session or couples session with me, inquire here!

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