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Proposals are just one of the amazing events that I get to be a part of as a photographer and you will love this one. They are extremely nerve wracking to photograph as you are catching a moment of complete surprise and you really can’t plan every single detail!!! I have been lucky to be able to photograph a lot of proposals in my career and they are always completely different. I love the suspense leading up to the big moment!

When Brett reached out to me he already had an idea of how the proposal was going to go. Brett and Kelly had recently purchased a home so he planned the proposal perfectly. It was a really beautiful early evening night in Philadelphia and they were on their way out to dinner. He told Kelly they had to stop by and sign something with their realtor who was at an open house.

When they walked down the street, I had been waiting for a while. Brett and I were in constant communication so I knew when they were arriving. We had talked about him walking to about the middle of the street and then proposing, which is exactly what he did! Kelly had no idea what was happening and her reaction was adorable! She was completely shocked!

Brett had another surprise in store and he had both of their families at a restaurant nearby to celebrate. I followed them to catch everyones reactions before I left them to enjoy their night.

If you’re planning on proposing and need a Philadelphia proposal photographer, please reach out here! These are wonderful memories to look back on.

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