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Bucks County Family Session

AH, These kiddos! You are going to love this Bucks County Family Session. (Photographer : Nellie)

Megan and I literally grew up in each others backyards. We met in nursery school and were inseparable. Somehow even though we never went to the same school, we stayed as close as could be. Our summers were spent outside, imaginations running wild. Since I’ve been a photographer for years now and she wanted to do a family session at her home in Bucks County, I jumped at the opportunity to spend some more time with her sweet family.

We shot this family session in her parents backyard. Her oldest reminds me so much of her when she was little that it took me back to our childhood days! If I had only brought some My Little Ponies to play with O, I think I might have felt like a kid again. I love approaching family sessions from a more documentary approach. While I always take a few “fridge” photos (smiling at the camera). I think the best photos are the ones where the kids and parents are just interacting naturally. It really shows everyones personalities! 

Interested in a family session? Email me here!