I am really excited to share this session. I haven’t really ever photographed a “themed” engagement or couples session, so this was a really cool approach to the day. Julia reached out to me about her upcoming wedding and while we were talking details of her day, we started talking engagement session. She told me she loved photos of Audrey Hepburn and really would love to do a 20’s theme. She sent me over her Pinterest board and I was in love. These weren’t the usual photos of someone else’s work that they wanted recreated – these were old film photos taken of Audrey Hepburn in really great locations. Some posed and some candid. So perfect! If you are considering doing a theme for your engagement session or wedding, don’t be afraid to go for it! We decided to meet at Parc Restaurant in Rittenhouse early on a weekday morning. They were wonderful and allowed us to use an outdoor table. We ordered a couple of cappuccino’s – Yum – and started shooting. Julia knew what she wanted so I just happily clicked away while they sat and talked. Once we finished up at Parc, we moved to a Philadelphia Side street and pretended we had been transported to France. One of my favorite parts of photographing in the city is the random reflections and little peeks of light you can find. We got both on this little street! I really love some good lines and using “harsh” light is always a challenge I’m up for. I hope you love this session as much as I do!

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