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Have you ever arrived at a place and thought, “Oh yeah, This is going to be amazing.”? Thats exactly what happened when I drove up to Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm. When Alexa, Erik and I met up to go over the wedding day, we talked about the venue but I hadn’t been there before. I arrived early (like I always do) to scout locations and get started with details. The long driveway didn’t disappoint leading up to the farm. The farmhouse where the wedding party gets ready is full of beautiful natural light, endless locations for details, and big rooms to get ready in.

Alexa and Erik’s families were so excited for the wedding and emotions were running high, which always make wonderful candids. They shared cards with each other and with family members before getting ready for the wedding. Alexa and Erik had their first look and were joined by their wedding party shortly after. One of my favorite parts was their pup, who had a “Dog of Honor” bandana! How fun is that. I am a huge dog fan so anytime pups can be a part of the day I am all for it.

Their ceremony was in a beautiful open space with a flower decorated arbor. It was full of tears and sweet moments. Alexa and Erik aren’t big on PDA so they had agreed to shake hands at the end before kissing to give the guests a good laugh. There was celebration and hugs everywhere after the ceremony.

The Evening

The rest of the night was amazing. The stars came out and a cool evening breeze. Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm lit up with teardrop lights outside of the barn. We stole outside for a few nighttime photos before the dancing started and to cap off the night they had a sparkler exit where they jumped into their Jeep and drove off into the night. Alexa and Erik, to say Thank you for having me be a part of your day doesn’t feel like enough. Days like this just remind me why I am doing what I’m doing.

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