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Brick Gables Wedding

MaryKate and Matthews Brick Gables wedding was a stunner. Winter weddings are really starting to become a favorite. I love the colors and the details that winter brings out.

Do you ever think some things are just meant to be? MaryKate’s Mother found me and we instantly connected. MaryKate and Matthew were currently living and working in Arizona and she was helping them plan their Pennsylvania wedding. They are pretty much the most wonderful family and I felt so blessed to be able to capture their day. 

Despite the rain, MaryKate and Matthews connection is pretty much undeniable. They were all smiles and couldn’t take their eyes off of one another. One of my favorite moments of the day was MaryKate and Matthew having a moment to pray together before their ceremony. Behind a screen, hands held, they shared their hearts with each other. Not only did they pray together before the ceremony, they each prayed with their wedding party separately.

MaryKate, Matthew and I had set up a Facetime call to put together their timeline before the wedding. There was a beautiful park on the way to Brick Gables that we planned to stop at for portraits. When we walked out of their ceremony it was really raining! That didn’t stop MaryKate and Matthew, with no hesitation we ran to the covered bridge and were able to capture some beautiful shots without getting *too wet. (side note: I always come very prepared with lots of umbrellas in my car. You never know!)

It’s wonderful to have plenty of time for portraits so that there is no rush to create moments and they just happen naturally, which as you can see, was very easy with MaryKate and Matthew. The excitement of just being married was all over their faces and they couldn’t stop smiling at one another.

The Reception

Brick Gables is really beautiful wedding venue. It’s really impressive how perfectly the vision of a warm and welcoming theme was put together. MaryKate and Matthew are very involved with their church and their faith is extremely important to them. They chose to do a foot washing ceremony which was a very sweet and emotional moment.

Check out their Brick Gables wedding! If you’re planning a winter wedding, I’d love to hear from you here.

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