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Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve Wedding

Jess and Brandon’s Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve Wedding is one for the books.

I can’t always predict the weather on wedding days but I can always come prepared with umbrellas and a back up plan, if possible. I’ll help with getting dressed, boutonnieres, bustles, stains, broken shoes, stress, but that darn weather… It is my job though, to try my best to keep my couples positive and stress free because that is what is most important. Waking up for Jess & Brandon’s Cinco De Mayo wedding day, I was beyond excited. The forecast had called for rain but looking outside… it was not just raining but pouring. Cats and Dogs.

Jess was in amazing spirits when I got to her getting ready location. We talked about where we would do photos and we found out that together we had more than enough umbrellas. Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve is one of the most beautiful venues in this area however – it doesn’t really have a covered area for a back-up plan but we were going to make it work. 

Let’s back up for a second, if you ever get to meet Jess, you will be a really lucky person. She is an old soul, kind as can be, but will also tell you how it is. I have always found her to be a bright and uplifting being in my day whenever she’s graced my presence. Jess is also a florist and had worked tirelessly on her bouquets, centerpieces and the beautiful detail on the fireplace ALL ON HER OWN!!! She had been at the venue first thing that morning setting up and it could not have looked any better. 

Their first look was under the tent by the beautiful furniture Jess rented from Fox and Finch Vintage Rentals  After spending every day together, its always the being apart that I believe makes not seeing one another so much more nerve-wracking. We went outside shortly after for portraits and it continued to rain down on us. Jess’s wedding party took turns holding her train so she wasn’t totally soaked and I watched Jess’s smile start to fade a little..and that broke my heart. I cut photos short and we went back to get ready for the ceremony. I am not the type of person to force photos – if you’re not feeling into it, its going to show. 

Cue the ceremony. Friends, Family, full of love and strength, all there for Jess and Brandon filled the tent. Jess said she walked in and felt so much love that the rest of the day melted away. This is what its all about…This is what its all about. Marrying your person, the person that makes your days complete, the person that gets you, the person that loves you unconditionally and having all of the people who matter to you surrounding you. 

There are no words for their ceremony. All the tears, even me behind the camera. That much love in one little tent is an overwhelming experience. The rain stopped for a little and right after Jess put on her stunning ice headband, we ran out for a few more photos and they are stunning!! This is why I won’t force photos when its not right, Jess and Brandon were able to laugh and enjoy that “just married” moment. 

We made it back for an epic reception. DJ Bobby Grays of Long Life Entertainment killed it – what wedding has Tu-Pac, DMX, and some other classics spun? Amazing doesn’t do it justice. Just check out the party photos. 

Jess and Brandon – If I didn’t know you, I would know you were amazing by the vibe and emotions of your guests. However, I’m super lucky to know and love you both

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