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If you’ve ever met Alexandra and Todd, they’re probably two of your favorite people. They very quickly became mine. When Alexandra first reached out and we had our initial phone call I just loved her bubbly personality and I really connected with their lifetime of a love story. While we were talking on the phone, she mentioned how she would love to have their engagement session in Vermont and whether or not she should try to find a Vermont engagement photographer. I tried my best to act professional and not to beg her to let me photograph it, lol. When they decided to book I broke out into a dance from excitement.

The Trip

Alexandra and Todd were going to be in Vermont in June so I planned two nights in there. My mom and kids jumped onto my travel plans, which has become their new favorite thing to do, haha. None of us had ever been in Vermont and it was really exciting to see somewhere new. We stayed in the Killington area of Vermont, which was not far from where we were going to do the engagement session. June in Vermont is really beautiful. It’s warm during the day but not too warm and the nights were cool. Killingon was open for trail walking and mountain biking so our first day there we took the Gondola to the top of Killington Mountain, which was incredible. The views there are amazing! We also found one of the trailheads to the Appalachian trail and hiked to find a waterfall.

The engagement session happened a little later the next day. When I arrived I got to meet both Alexandra and Todd’s families, which was really wonderful! I don’t usually get to meet family members until the day of the wedding so it was great to get to know everyone early on. Their families are both SO nice and it definitely says a lot about who Alexandra and Todd are. You can tell how important family is to them. They could not have been more welcoming and kind to me. We talked for a bit before heading off to start our session.

Alexandra and Todd are natural together. Everything about them just fits. They’ve been together for close to a decade (yes, you read that right) and yet they seem like they still have the “butterflies in your stomach” type of love. They’re fun and laugh a lot, they make you feel completely comfortable and immediately like a friend. It threw me off for a second because usually I’m the one who is trying to make people feel comfortable! The whole session was just easy. We probably ended up shooting for 2 hours or so, enjoying Vermont and all of the open space.

I am always up to travel for a wedding and / or engagement session and I don’t limit the time I shoot an engagement session for. This is a good example of why! Engagement sessions in themselves are a wonderful way to get to know one another but when you add in some travel, it just seems to bring you closer. I can’t wait to see Alex & Todd again 🙂

If you’re planning an engagement session near or far, reach out here! I’d love to hear more about it.

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